• 1. ETA Introduction

    An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is electronically linked to your passport which provides an authorization to enter Australia for a maximum of three months each visit, with either tourism or business purposes.
    # Business Purposes are:
    Research on the overall market research or employment
    Contract research projects, agreements, review
    Visiting offices of government departments
    Society, Exhibition or Seminar– only if monetary compensation from the organizers are not received
    # ETA Expiration Date
    You can enter Australia as many times as you want for 12 months from the date of your ETA is granted, or until the expiry date of your passport, whichever is earlier.
    You can stay in Australia for a maximum of 90days.
    You can enter Australia as many times as you want until your ETA expires.
  • 2. ETA Eligibility and Conditions

    Only those whose from following countries as below with their ETA eligible passport can apply.
    If you do not hold any of the eligible passport, you have to contact the Australian Mission related to Visa and apply for a Visitor (subclass 600).
    # Countries available for ETA
    Andorra Austria Belgium Brunei Canada
    Denmark Finland France Germany Greece
    Hong Kong (SAR PRC) Iceland Ireland Italy Japan
    Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Monaco
    Netherlands Norway Portugal Republic of Korea Singapore
    Spain Sweden Swiss Ukraine United Kingdom
    -British Citizens
    United States of America
    It is impossible to have your ETA granted for studying or working more than 3months.
    You must be free from tuberculosis.
    You must not have any criminal convictions for which you have been sentenced for a total combined period of 12 months or more, whether or not the sentences were served.
  • 3. How to apply

    You must be outside of Australia and intending to visit for tourism or business purposes.
    To apply through ETA website, you need your valid passport, email address, and a credit card.
    It is important that the details provided for your ETA application are exactly the same as they appear in your passport and to carry that passport during your travel.
  • 4. After applying ETA

    You will be able to check with the ETA application results within 12 hours. If your ETA has been authorized, you may check your ETA through this website, and through your travel agent or airline.
    If your ETA does not get authorized within 12 hours, you will have to make an inquiry to the Australian visa office. But inquiries will be only available through e-mails or fax with your available copy of your passport and contact information.
  • 5. The Difference Between www.australia-eta.org and Australia Government Website

    australia-eta.org Immi.gov.au
    Assistance and Help to fill in the form Yes No
    Support and Assistance 24 / 7 by E-mail Yes No
    Frequently asked questions available (FAQs) Yes Yes
    Verification and control of information required Yes Yes
    Checking the data submitted Yes Yes
    Correction of your file in case of inaccuracy of the data provided Yes No
    Notification of the progress of your file Yes No
    Sending your ETA / e-VISITOR ETA by email in PDF format Yes No
    Storage service of your ETA / e-VISITOR ETA for 1 year Yes Yes
    Recovery of your ETA / e-VISITOR ETA in case of loss Yes Yes
    Simple and intuitive interface Yes No
    Partial refund if your travel authorization is refused Yes No
    Re-sending your ETA if you are not received any notification Yes No
    Services available on holidays Yes Yes
    Free error correction services Yes No
    Services available even when ETA site undergoing maintenance Yes No
    Notice for missing or incorrect information Yes No
    Visa and Travel consulting services Yes No
    Urgent Application Handling Yes No
    Standard Delivery Price (24H) $53(USD)(Including Australia Government fee) $20(AUD)


After your application is submitted and ETA is viewable on the status page, or get an Authorized ETA,
cancellation is not available and customers may not request for a refund.
The service completed before process of approval or on hold), cancellation and refund requests are available.
- Cancellation and Refund Requirements : During your applications are submitted and is still in the process of waiting for an approval, cancellation and refund requests are available.
* After the process of approval or on hold, Section 1 will be applied.
Cancellations and refunds will be processed within a day of the request.